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Wax Stamp / Chocolate Stamp

Chocolate Stamp / Wax Seal


Add a touch of personality to your Chocolate with our Chocolate Seal Stamp.

Engraved With Your Artwork, create your perfect chocolate or wax seal for branding, weddings, events, or promotions.

We will send you Proof before make the stamp, to ensure your artwork turns out exactly as you have envisioned.  and made with Solid Brass 

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  • Premium brass construction for durability and longevity
  • High-quality rubber for crisp and clear impressions
  • Features a sturdy wooden handle for comfortable and easy grip


  • Available in two sizes: 32mm and 42mm
  • Fine finishing ensures smooth and flawless stamping
  • Designed to make a statement and leave a lasting impression
  • Free Electronic Proof + Revisions, to ensure your artwork turns out exactly as you have envisioned. 


  • Recommended use: Ideal for personal and professional stationery, wedding invitations, branding materials, and more
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth after each use to maintain the stamp’s integrity

Few Samples from Our Works

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Stamp Makers India ::: Profile

The stamp makers India is a leading online stamp / Seal shop in India. And we have more than 15 years of experience in the stamp making field we have great technology and best designers. And we specialized in making the pre ink stamps, rubber stamp, nylon stamps.

Stamp Makers India‘s pre ink stamps are high quality and best designs. Our Well-known Pre-inked Stamps use flash technology for excellent clear imprints. Manufactured using only high quality inks and flash materials. The ink is contained within the stamp itself so no separate ink pad is required.

Our pre ink stamps gives More than 12,000 clear imprint before starting to fade. And after that we can re-fill for 12,000 more impressions. Ink colors are available in black, red, blue, light blue, green and violet. We provide proof for all orders through email or Whatsapp within an hour.

We provide best quality rubber stamps online and we have more than 400 designs available in our online store, also you can upload your design while you order or

We have introduced a new platform that allows customers to design stamps by themselves. You can design stamps yourself by simply typing in preferred text or uploading your own artwork.

And the best part is that we will dispatch all our order next day itself. The orders we receive before 11 AM we dispatch it by the same day. And Courier is absolutely free if the order amount is above 300/-

we Stamp makers India provide the best quality stamps with Free Shipping all over India and we make stamps in Hindi, Stamps in English, Stamps in Malayalam, Stamps in Kannada, Stamps in Tamil, Stamps in Guajarati and all languages in India.

Our main products are, Pen Stamp,  Doctors Pocket stamp, Address stamp, Proprietor stamp, Round stamp, Bank stamp, Signature Stamp, Teachers stamp, Pocket stamp, Pen Seal, Proprietor stamp in pen, Doctors stamp in pen seal, Sun stamp, exmark stamp, Embossing stamp, Oval Stamp, Wax stamp, Logo stamp, Stock Stamps, Automatic numbering stamp, Bank dater, batch coder and many more…

Stamp makers India’s website is very user friendly and customers can upload their artwork and they can select ink color stamp body color and many more.

We provide all kinds of customized Rubber Stamps for all industries like Bank, Education, Business and small and large scale industries.

We always make sure to make our customers happy. we provide the best support to our customers. and stamp makers India supply stamps each and every place even its in village area. We sent the stamp through India post (speed post) to make sure the item deliver in time.






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